Several years ago, a mortgage broker coaxed me into an ill-advised adjustable loan on an investment property.   Years later, like so many others during the housing market decline, I saw property values dwindle which made the investment loan itself upside down.  Fortunately, the market matured and I recovered from the investment.  Nevertheless, the experience provided valuable insight that the mortgage industry not only needed necessary licensure, which all of the big Rocket’s, Quicken’s and other nationally advertised major competitors provide but also an organization with the necessary pedigree and intellect to understand market trends to properly advise as well as educate its clients.
That’ why I created Roland Financial Services, to not only secure loans but to also assist clients in understanding market trends and shifts in real estate. At Roland Financial Services, we provide clients with the best choices in loans for their hard-earned investment capital. We also assist clients in:
  • Simple and Easy Loan Process
  • Advisement of Expected Market Trends
  • Assistance in Credit Repair With Our Credit Restoration Program
  • Fast & Efficient Online Experience
Like you, I earned my money through hard work and determination, so I want to make your next loan a successful and rewarding experience.

Thank you,
Troy Roland, MS, MBA, EdD
Licensed Mortgage Broker (California BRE#01985792)
NMLS: 1465720

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