Bridge or Hard Money Loans

$1,000,000 to $100,000,000 Loans Available

Companies at times need additional capital. Often times the needs for capital vary from a large for a customer, or capital expansion such as an acquisition. To maintain daily operations, bridge loans and hard money loans can be the solution. Roland Financial Services can help secure fast hard money loan decisions fast so that your company’s immediate operations are not impacted.

Criteria & Fees:

• Loan Amount: $1 million to $100,000,000 million
• Lending Area: National
• Industries Served: Commercial real estate, including raw land development projects.
• Amortization: Interest Only
• Organization Fees: 1-4%

Hard Money Loans Also:

• Interest-only amortizations
• Up to 80% of the loan to value
• Closing time of 5 – 25 days!