Probate Loans

 Roland Financial Services also provides probate loans, estate loans, and trust and inheritance loans for those in need of short-term financing or to refinance the inherited property.  Roland Financial Services’ experience with providing fast approval and competitive rates toward your probate funding needs expeditiously.

Why Are Probate Loans Necessary?

During the probate process, the executors often assess the value of the property.  Much of the cost associated with probate can be exhaustive as expenses such as a funeral, legal expenses and taxes are just a few of the necessary elements needed at times in order to receive appropriate funding.  An estate loan allows the heirs of the property to borrow against the real estate value of the property and to receive those funds so that the probate can then be fully released.

Needing to Compensate Heirs and Beneficiaries of an Estate?

Another source of potential funds is to buy out any peers that have a desire for receiving compensation for the release of their interest in real estate.  Roland Financial Services can help to assess the value as well as provide funding sources so that the heirs and beneficiaries can be fully compensated.

California Proposition 58

California Proposition 58 allows for the inclusion of property taxes on the transfer of real estate from parents to children.  The form associated with Prop 58 must be filled out completely while the probate loan allows beneficiaries to take out a loan against the estate real estate.  The loan proceeds can then be used to buyout beneficiaries as well as to satisfy any tax obligations.  We do recommend consulting with an attorney for this level of transaction, but Roland Financial Services can be a reliable source in this area as well.

Investors Available 

Roland Financial Services also has investors available to provide loans as well as the potential for the acquisition of the property should the inherited make a decision to sell the property altogether.  Typically, investors can have the funding available as cash offers, which can typically close within less than 14 calendar days.

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